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This mother-daughter duo offers a powerful story and lesson of unending love, facing adversity head-on and overcoming a myriad of obstacles to discover an incredible transformation of mindset, motivation and developing a clear mission of how they want to impact the world.

Let this dynamic team show you the power of a resilient spirit and how you individually and collectively can harness new strength and clarity for building capacity and embracing change

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Speaker, Emcee, Singer/ Songwriter

Betty Ford has been performing for as long as she can remember. As an accomplished pianist and singer, Betty loves to entertain audiences, as well as, teach musicians of all ages. Betty has also a been a Medical Secretary for a General Surgeon as well as transcribed medical records for an ophthalmologist for many years. Both of those positions had her in a high stress environment with no room or errors. As a single Mom she has raised 3 incredible humans and now reaps the benefits of 6 grandchildren.

On May 4, 2018, Betty received word that no parent wants to hear. Her beloved daughter was involved in a fatal car accident and it wasn’t certain she was going to survive the polytrauma her body had suffered. This tenacious and faith-filled mother stayed with her daughter for the full 210 days she was in hospitals. She was there to love, to advocate and to hold fast to the hope that her daughter would not only survive, but have a quality of life that honoured the amazing potential that she saw in her.

Betty’s message is one of unfailing love and the unwavering faith that life is to be treasured. Together with her daughter, they will entertain, inspire and encourage ways to be resilient in the storms of life and to celebrate the everyday successes we often take for granted and easily overlook.

A humourist at heart, Betty sees the future as one that holds limitless potential.



Speaker, Singer

On May 4, 2018, Desirée was a passenger in a horrific two-vehicle crash. Desirée's friend, who was driving the car, perished in the accident along with her dog. Desirée was airlifted to London Health Sciences Centre in critical condition and there she spent 210 days in hospitals and has had 26 surgeries to date with more to come.

This remarkable young woman’s journey is miraculous. After being on life support, dying on the table, not one, but seven times and suffering polytrauma, Desirée overcame the odds and was rehabilitated and out of the hospital a remarkable two years earlier than her doctors expected.

She has lived to tell the story so others can have hope.

With new life and a renewed sense of mission and purpose, Desirée is passionate about helping others overcome their odds so they can strive for a more positive life. As a former professional dancer, performer and singer, Desirée now shares her message of resilience. She inspires audiences with the lessons that she has gained through this journey thus far. Her company, Resilient Spirit co-founded with her mother (Betty) is her mission and her passion as they inspire others to adapt to change, commit to becoming the best version of themselves and to understand that you can do hard things. She is a beacon of hope out of tragedy and a shining light that anything is possible.

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