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Resilient Spirit Tips

GIFTS from Life

“The healers gift is from their own wounds.” – Khuong Nguyen. This phrase speaks to myself as much as it does to Desirée. Most of her wounds are visible, scars like road maps of her journey, easy to read on her body. Then there are the wounds that are not […]

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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

“Even a goddess must carry a machete from time to time.” Not knowing who exactly coined this phrase, I will borrow it now to share with you. The visual of a machete can evoke many emotions: fear, safety, aggression, strength. Picture a machete as your support tool you sometimes need […]

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Someone once quoted “Magic is essentially the higher understanding of nature.” I believe magic is essential for survival during our earthly visits. Dreams are made of magic. Love is magic. Life can be magic. When we were young we believed in magic. Why do we insist on losing that belief […]

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