Weather the STORM and welcome the


Resiliency training for work and life.

Weather the STORM and welcome the


Resiliency training for work and life.

In the blink of an eye… everything can change.

How will you rebound?

The Mission

Resiliency training to educate individuals and organizations to find hope, be more productive and manage stress.

Half day workshops delivered in person or virtually, sharing usable strategies of how you can individually and collectively develop a strength of renewed purpose by adapting and embracing change.

The Message

Book the Founders of Resilient Spirit to hear their moving keynote.

A story of unwavering hope, unending love and a resiliency of spirit that hits right to the heart. You can do the hard things. It's time to live on purpose.

The Movement

We understand the debilitating issues that surround managing large change and the impact on our mental health. Life throws many unexpected curveballs and we need to be ready to catch them!

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About Resilient Spirit

The Resilient Spirit Company is founded on the belief that life is precious and so are the people around you. Their driving ethos is to show you the power of a resilient spirit and how you individually and collectively can harness new strength and clarity for building capacity and embracing positive change.

A mental health strategy that comes from lived experience and transformational change.

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P. Morand

Silver Street Studios

”Wow! An incredible real life example of adaptability, resilience and a reminder that we can prevail through hard things. Our audience was captivated and blown away.”

Kathlene Campbell-Conlon

CMHA Oxford

”Betty and Desirée Ford have an empowering story to share about resilience and strength. Betty and Desirée spoke at our Women & Wellness Oxford County 2019 Fundraiser as our Keynote Speakers, sharing the story of Desirée's recovery and Betty’s life-long strength. They are also beautiful vocalists and musicians, performing together alongside their keynote. They are professional and reliable speakers and their passion about raising awareness of mental health and community building is a gift to any audience.”

William A. G. Simpson

Partner/Lawyer, Lerners LLP

”Desirée and Betty Ford have experienced trauma and loss in ways that most of us cannot understand. Nevertheless, they have demonstrated in ways that are captivating and rare, how supporting one another, and being resilient, can absolutely make a difference in our physical and mental health – and in our overall quality of life. Their story will inspire you. Their story will give you hope. Their story will change you.”

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